Digital Learning

Digital learning provides a means to customize education and meet a variety of individual student needs. The proper technology and implementation will allow students to learn at their own pace and in their own style. Digital learning tools can transform education by connecting our students to a wider range of high quality content, rigorous courses, and an ever growing collection of resources.

The Wyoming Department of Education would like you to join us in a statewide conversation regarding digital learning. This collaborative effort has the potential to bring together students, teachers, administrators, and business members to discuss innovative practices, share cutting-edge resources, and pool our collective talents. The following information outlines just a few national and state-level initiatives you may be interested in.

Wyoming Technology-Engagement-Curriculum Connection

WyTECC is a group of individuals from educational entities in Sweetwater County, WY; Western Wyoming Community College (WWCC); Sweetwater School District #1; and Sweetwater School District #2. Originally, what started as a joint professional development opportunity has grown to a group dedicated to connecting all of Wyoming PreK-20 educators to discuss educational topics of technology, engagement, and 21st Century curriculum. This group has become an ISTE Affiliate, the first in Wyoming. For more information, please visit WyTECC's website at

WyTECC presents webinars from 4:00-5:30 on the second Wednesday of each month to share best practices and innovative resources that support effective teaching and learning throughout the state. Upcoming topics and an archive of past webinars can be viewed here. For more information regarding these 2nd Wednesday Webinars, please contact WyTECC at

Web 2.0 Tools


Digital Learning on Edmodo Edmodo is a free social learning environment that brings safe and secure collaboration between teachers and students. You can view our public digital learning discussions, learn more about Edmodo, or request to join our group. Get involved today and start collaborating with a personal learning community for Wyoming's digital educators.


Switchboard on Scoop.It is a web 2.0 curation tool that allows users to quickly collect, or scoop, websites and organize them into topics of interest. Take a moment to watch their overview or review the Switchboard's topics. Feel free to suggest your favorite digital content, tools, or on-demand training resources. Better yet, join us on and start publishing!


WSN on Delicious Delicious is a social bookmarking tool for collecting links to your favorite websites, organizing them using tags, and presenting your collections is stacks. Take at look at the WSN's links on Delicious, our stack of web 2.0 tools, or the tags we're curating. If you find these useful, join us and share your best digital learning resources with other Wyoming educators!