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Wyoming Virtual Academy

A distance education program offered by Niobrara County School District #1

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  • Enrollment: Fulltime K-12, Supplemental 9-12
  • Medium: Online, Correspondence, Interactive

Student requirements

Students must be residents of the state of Wyoming and meet all age requirements for attending school in the state of Wyoming. For students in the home-based program, step #1 is to fill out the online application. If the student is not a resident of Niobrara County School District #1, the parent must then notify the superintendent of their resident district of their intent to have their child(ren) enroll in WYVA. The superintendent will notify a representative of Niobrara County School District #1 to develop a Memorandum of Understanding between the two districts. A copy of the notification is also included in the documents submitted in the next step. Step #2 is to submit, by mail or fax, required documentation (birth certificate, immunization records and proof of residency) to the WYVA office. If the student has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), WYVA must be informed of it. Step #3 is for the student to complete a short math assignment and writing assignment. These assignments are not used for placement but rather a sample of the documents the student will be required to submit while enrolled. For students enrolling in grades 9-12, a grade transcript will be request by WYVA from the resident district. When the information is complete, a placement conference will be held with a WYVA representative, the student, and parent. From that discussion, a Distance Learning Plan (DLP) will be written by the WYVA staff member. This plan will be presented to the parent and a representative of the resident district. With the acceptance of the DLP and the MOU, enrollment is complete.

If the superintendent of the resident district chooses not to enter into an MOU with Niobrara County School District #1, the parent may contact WYVA and request to enroll directly into Niobrara County School District #1.

WYVA will accept part-time students at the secondary level. For these students, the resident district must sign a MOU with Niobrara County School District. This allows the entire ADM to be paid to the resident district. Students in grades 7 & 8 must take the core courses from WYVA. Students in grades 9-12 must take at least 3 courses with WYVA.

Students working in a school environment and wanting to enroll in an individual course will work with their school counselor or administrator to complete the registration process.

Pre-enrollment consultation

This process is provided for students wanting to participate in a home-based environment.

During the enrollment process, members of the enrollment team make a judgment regarding the potential for success of the student in a distance learning environment. The student is classified as “very likely to succeed”, “likely to succeed”, “likely risk”, or “high risk”. Once enrolled, the student and parent participate in an “on-boarding” program which provides a complete orientation for the student and parent including expectations of the program. Students and parents are also trained in the computer-based student management and communication system, Total View. During the on-boarding, students also take the Scantron Performance Series assessment. This assessment evaluates the performance level of the student in both reading and mathematics. The teacher uses the information collected in these processes to determine the students’ “Level of Engagement” (LOE) at either Low, Average, or High. Students scoring low LOE may also be place in a “State Test Intervention” (STI) program for additional support in preparing for PAWS. The academic performance of at-risk students is monitored closely and when necessary, the student is place on a “Plan to Success” which provides close supervision and support for the student in meeting expectations.

Unless the student is not eligible for enrollment due to residency or other requirements, enrollment will be allowed. The parent/guardian and student are informed that if, in the judgment of WYVA staff, adequate progress is not made, the student will be removed from the program.

School-based students taking individual courses will enroll in courses as determined by their local school staff.

Resident district instructional support

The resident district will identify a person to serve as the resident district contact for the parent/guardian and WYVA. This person will be trained in the operation of the online student data management system so he/she can monitor the academic progress of the student. Other duties of this person will include:

  • Approval of the Distance Learning Plan
  • Arrange for administration of the state testing program PAWS
  • Coordinate access to resident district extra-curricular activities
  • Coordinate access to school library or other facilities when necessary
  • Coordinate access to special education evaluations and services when appropriate

In general, the resident district contact person will notify the parent/guardian and/or WYVA staff of concerns related to the academic achievement or overall well-being of the student.

Provider's accountability

Monitoring of student performance by the WYVA administration and staff is accomplished through the online student management system. This system is provided by K12, Inc. as part of their agreement with Niobrara County School District #1. This system allows for appropriate WYVA staff to access each student’s account. Through this password-protected system, attendance records, grade records, assessment scores, lesson and unit scores, progress reports, and unfinished work can be easily monitored. This system also maintains a log of all communication between WYVA staff and the student and/or parent/guardian. Teachers also collect student work for evaluation and feedback. Frequent contacts by the teacher with the student allows for random assessment checks on the student’s progress and mastery of material.

K12, Inc. also monitors written communication among secondary students to provide for the safety and well-being of the students.

Intervention plan

Teachers are available vial email, phone, and computer interaction for student contact. Teachers are expected to respond to student questions within 24 hours from the time of the inquiry. Often, one-to-one tutoring sessions are set up between a teacher and a student. This can be done in person, or through an online communication program called Elluminate Live. This program is also used to deliver direct instruction to groups of students in an online classroom environment. At the high school level, threaded discussions are frequently used to allow students to give individual input into a class. Teachers monitor these discussions and provide feedback as appropriate. Other academic activities, field trips, and social activities are offered to support students and address social needs. Students failing to make expected academic progress are placed on a Plan to Success. This process involves meetings with the student and parent to be establish clear expectations for the student. The progress in meeting the requirements of the plan is frequently monitored by WYVA staff. Students who are successful in the plan are removed from it. Those who are not may be withdrawn from the program.