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Wyoming Virtual Academy

A distance education program offered by Niobrara County School District #1

  • Website:
  • Enrollment: Fulltime K-12, Supplemental 9-12
  • Medium: Online, Correspondence, Interactive

Students will register through an online application process available at Step-by-step guidance is provided in the process with a listing of documents that must be submitted as part of the process. Enrollment staff work with parents and students to select appropriate courses at the high school level. K-8 students are normally placed in age appropriate grade-level courses unless off-grade-level placement is necessary to meet the needs of the student.

WYVA Initial Registration Process

The following procedures are followed for the initial registration of a student in the Wyoming Virtual Academy. WYVA utilizes the services of the K12 Enrollment Center to support some of the activities. A contact person is identified in each local school district for all communication with the district.

In a “brick and mortar” environment, students may register for the coming school year but are not enrolled until they physically attend school in the new school year. Aligning this with a virtual environment, a distance learning student will not be considered as enrolled until they have completed at least one milestone in a 2011-2012 course.

1. Prior to students being enrolled, the Niobrara County School District #1 Superintendent will contact the superintendents from all local school districts and determine if they wish to participate in a Memorandum of Understanding for some or all of their students wanting to participate in the Wyoming Virtual Academy. Based on those responses, WYVA will proceed through the registration and enrollment processes. Throughout the year, districts will be notified of all registration requests and superintendents will have the option to reconsider their original MOU decision. Districts agreeing to MOU will identify a District Liaison.

2. Parent accesses WYVA registration portal at and sets up Online School Account. 

3. Enrollment center notifies WYVA Registrar of the contact. 

4. WYVA informs resident district contact of student’s intent to register and enroll on behalf of the parent and for those districts wanting to make individual student MOU decisions, the local district will have 10 days to make that decision and notify the WYVA registrar. 

5. Once the MOU decision is made by the resident district, the WYVA Parent Admission Liaison (PAL)(k-8) or Placement Coordinator (PC) (9-12) contacts parent for Welcome Call to explain aspects and expectations of the program: 

  • Verify student age and grade level
  • Language survey
  • Special education needs survey 
  • School policies
    • State testing (PAWS and ACT) requirements 
    • Fall/Spring skills assessment requirements (Scantron Performance) 
    • Weekly Scantron Achievement Testing requirements 
    • Attendance requirements 
    • Parent responsibilities 
    • Assignment submissions 
    • Academic progress expectations 
    • Required communication with teacher(s) 
  • K-mail (secure email system) 
  • Orientation process (IOL) 
  • Technology provided by K12 Inc 
  • Internet access requirements & reimbursement process 
  • Student supplemental support (Action Plan for Success)

6. Parent submits documents to WYVA Registrar for registration:

  • Proof of Wyoming residency 
  • Proof of age 
  • Proof of grade level (report card) 
  • Unofficial transcript (grades 10-12) 
  • Immunizations record (or notarized exemption form) 
  • Release of Records permission form 
  • Free/Reduced Lunch application form – optional 
  • IEP (if applicable) 
  • 504 Accommodation Plan (if applicable)

7. WYVA PAL or PC conducts placement call with parent/student: 

  • Review of report card or transcript 
  • Course selection tentatively finalized pending approval of DLP

8. WYVA PAL or PC determines risk level of student – high risk, likely risk, likely to succeed, very likely to succeed, exceptional fit.

9. WYVA develops draft Distance Learning Plan for student and, if enrolling with MOU sends to resident district liaison for review.

10. WYVA informs local district contact of student’s completed registration and requests WISER number.

11. If enrolling through MOU: 

  • Local district maintains enrollment of student in district and local school 
  • WYVA consults with liaison to finalize DLP 
  • WYVA verifies special needs of student with liaison 
  • WYVA requests student records. (Release of Records permission form provided by parents) 
  • WYVA requests copy of IEP and/or Accommodation Plan (if applicable)

12. If enrolling directly into Niobrara County School District #1: 

  • WYVA informs local district contact of student’s completed registration and requests student records. (Release of Records permission form provided by parents) 
  • Local district withdraws student from local school unless student was home-schooled 
  • WYVA adds student data into Niobrara School District management system – Infinite Campus

13. WYVA verifies with parents of student’s enrollment status – MOU or direct enrollment and reviews DLP.

14. WYVA approves registration.

15. WYVA orders technology and course materials from K12 Inc.

16. Student is fully enrolled when first milestone is completed by the student.

WYVA Re-Registration Process

For students currently enrolled in WYVA, the following process is used for re-registering for the next school year.

1. Family is notified that re-registration portal is open on website.

2. When parent selects the re-register option, a message is sent to the resident district contact indicating the parents’ intention to have the student continue in WYVA during the next school year.

3. Prior to the start of the school year, the local district will be asked to select between a MOU and direct enrollment in Niobrara County School District.

4. If MOU is selected, the local district will be sent a draft Distance Learning Plan for the student.

5. Student is enrolled when first milestone is completed by the student.