Statewide Providers

The following program providers are approved for the statewide delivery of distance education coursework: 

Program Provider Information

All statewide Wyoming Switchboard Network distance education program providers supply the following information to provide a general description of their overall policies and requirements:

  • The Program Information provides a description of the distance education program, enrollment requirements and process, and important contact information. If you have any questions or require more specific details, please contact the administrator of the program for more information.
  • The Course Evaluation Narrative describes the method(s) of course procurement and evaluative procedures followed by the DE program provider.
  • The Student Accountability Narrative describes the student requirements, method(s) of pre-enrollment consultation, anticipated instructional support from the resident district, nonresident district accountability, and intervention plan. The pre-enrollment consultation is incorporated into to the students’ Distance Learning Plan as the mechanism to ensure that distance education is appropriate to their individual learning capabilities.
  • The Instructor Accountability Narrative describes the instructors’ minimum qualifications, professional development requirements and opportunities, performance expectations, and method(s) of evaluation.
  • The Partnership Plan describes the expectations and requirements the nonresident district will have of the resident district and how the nonresident district will coordinate the proper support and training for resident district personnel.