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Western Wyoming Community College

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  • Enrollment: Supplemental 11-12 
  • Medium: WEN Video, Online

Student requirements

Students must be over 16 years old and meet the prerequisites of the course they registered to take.

Pre-enrollment consultation

High school students will have the opportunity to meet with WWCC outreach personnel within each community. These personnel will make sure students have completed the prerequisites necessary for courses. For example, if the student must take the SAT, Compass, or other tests, WWCC personnel will provide a testing place and opportunity. WWCC outreach personnel also sit down with students and teach them how to log into their online course and how to get to the tutorials teaching students how to use online tools. WWCC strongly encourages students to complete the Introduction to Online Learning (CMAP 0910) and College Studies courses (HMDV 1000), as the students who complete these courses have succeeded in future courses.

Resident district instructional support

A description of WWCC's dual enrollment process can be found in Section II of the document titled, "WWCC Dual Program Process and History". In addition, the resident districts liaison or facilitator, as they are called at WWCC, will help students with the technology; encourage students to practice good time management and hand in assignments on-time; help students contact the instructor, if there is a problem; and proctor exams, if necessary.

There are multiple ways this facilitation can be provided, but WWCC prefers when a computer room is set aside for the students to use during a specific hour in their High School schedule and the facilitator is in that room during that time. If a facilitator is not able to locate a student, they should contact the instructor and the instructor will attempt to do so.   

Provider's accountability

Instructors monitor student performance through the activities completed within the online classroom for each course. These activities could include discussions, group work, presentations, quizzes, tests, and more. Grades are provided to students within the online classroom after the completion of each assignment or test.

WWCC administrators will review end of semester reports to determine if the high school students are succeeding and if there are certain school districts with low success rate. This allows us to better support low performing districts. Unless there is a grievance procedure underway, administrators will not become involved in each students performance.  

Intervention plan

As a WWCC student, the high school students will receive the same retention help as all other college students at WWCC. These measures include, grades being mailed to students at mid-term and an early alert system. In addition, tutoring tools such as, Smarthinking and Turnitin are available to the students free of charge.