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Western Wyoming Community College

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  • Enrollment: Supplemental 11-12 
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Resident district expectations

It is the expectation that the resident district counselors and administration will work with the local WWCC outreach or BOCES site to assure that any required placement tests are completed by the students, the students are aware they are entering a college course, and the registration process is completed. It is expected the school district will provide a main facilitator or contact to help the student stay on task within the online course and to answer questions, and the district will identify a specific time in the school's weekly schedule for students to attend a facility equipped with computers.


WWCC will work together with the local WWCC personnel in each outreach location, local BOCES staff, and the school district coordinator, to assure they receive the proper support and training as listed above. This collaborative approach is the method that WWCC has developed since it started these programs in 2003. It has proven very effective.  

Conflict resolution

If there is conflict between a student and instructor about an instructional matter, that student must go through the college grievance process, as described in the WWCC catalog. The student is a college student when they are taking a WWCC online course as a dual enrollment student. Therefore, in order for the school to talk to the student's parents, the student must sign a release-of-information form in order to comply with FERPA regulations.

Conflict between WWCC and the districts or school administration will be handled by the administrations of both entities discussing the issue. There has never been an issue in the past five years that we haven't been able to solve with the 11 school districts in our geographic area. We believe that our well-developed collaborative process and regular face-to-face interactions with the districts has helped us achieve this level of success.