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Northern Wyoming Community College District

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  • Enrollment: Supplemental 9-12 
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Student requirements

The Northern Wyoming Community College District will admit high school students based on the following criteria: 1) Applicants who are at least 16 years old; 2) Applicants who are high school students who present approval of their principals to enroll in selected college courses; and 3) Applicants who, because of unusual circumstances, might be better served by the college. Official high school transcripts are not required for admission to NWCCD but may be required for specific programs. Students are urged to submit official transcripts of their high school work in order to assist in the process of academic advising. Students must schedule an appointment (Sheridan - 307.674.6446 ext. 2000; Gillette - 307.686.0254 ext. 1410 & 1411) to complete the math and English placement exams unless the student has achieved a 23 or above on the ACT. A $5.00 fee is assessed for each exam, and a picture ID is required. First time students who are taking online courses can complete the online registration form which will be reviewed by Advising Center personnel prior to official registration. Existing students can enroll directly into a class using WebAdvisor. Students must complete an Orientation to Online Learning option prior to the end of the first week of classes.

Pre-enrollment consultation

As mentioned in the Student Requirements section, students are expected to complete one of the Orientation to Online Learning options prior to the end of the first week of classes. There are three (3) orientation options to choose from:

  • Introduction to Online Learning ( 1 cr. hr.) – Recommended for High School Students: This one (1) credit hour class is designed for students new to online learning or NWCCD's learning management system. Topics include: analyzing the online learning experience; ensuring adequate knowledge of and access to technology necessary for successful online learning; and demonstrating effective use of learning management system tools such as logging into a course, navigating an online course, communicating with instructors and other students, locating and submitting assignments, completing quizzes, and checking grades.
  • On-Campus Orientations: These approximately one hour face-to-face on-campus orientations are a great opportunity for those living within reasonable driving distance to Sheridan, Gillette, or Buffalo to have an instructor led introduction to online learning.
  • Self-paced Online Learning Orientation: The self-paced online learning orientation can be completed anytime and will take between 1 and 2 hours depending on the number of tutorials and self-assessment activities completed. The online orientation should be completed before the end of the first week of classes. 

Resident district instructional support

It is expected that a high school mentor provide the student ample information regarding facilities and opportunities that foster access to distance learning courses. Completing online courses requires Internet access that some students may not have at home. NWCCD strongly believes students should exercise their right to access the assistance available to them whether the service is provided by the college or the corresponding high school. Students who feel they need additional tutoring should first contact the online course instructor and resident school mentor for assistance and direction prior to arranging for tutoring services at the resident school. Tutoring services at the resident school, if warranted, should adhere to the school’s tutoring guidelines of incorporating objectives and procedures that empower the student to work and learn on his/her own.

Students falling behind should immediately contact the instructor and the resident school mentor for assistance and direction. Upon consultation with the instructor and school mentor, the student should have a better understanding of the options available to either catch up or start from the current unit and move forward. Students not performing satisfactorily, after assistance resources have been exhausted, can withdraw from the course or complete the course as best they can and retake if the course is failed.

Provider's accountability

Every instructor must turn in mid-term grades for every student listed on the grade roster. The instructor has the option of recording either grades of A, B, C or S for a student who is passing. D and F grades must be reported. The grade rosters will indicate if the student has dropped the course. The date grades must be entered into the student system or received by the Records Office is listed on the College calendar. Outreach instructors may fax their grades to the Sheridan Records Office (307-674-7205) or the Gillette Records Office (307-687-7141) prior to/on the date due. Grade rosters must be kept on file as required by the Wyoming Community College Commission.

Each student is assigned a faculty advisor. Students' strengths, weaknesses, interests and aptitudes are considered prior to assignment. An attempt shall be made to assign students to advisors most appropriate to the students' interests and goals. Faculty advisors are expected to schedule periodic conferences during the year with each student and to be available at other times to assist his advisees even if by phone.

Intervention plan

While there is not an intervention plan currently in place at NWCCD, instructors are trained and expected to monitor performance and participation efforts and recognize “red flags” in order to intervene with the student as early as possible. Not logging into the course for the entire week, not submitting the past week’s assignments, turning in subpar work on a consistent basis, and not participating in a group project are a few tell tale signs that a student may be struggling.