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  • Enrollment: Supplemental 10-12 
  • Medium: WEN Video, Online

Student requirements

Dual Enrollment students generally are high school juniors or seniors and at least 16 years of age or older. Individual high schools determine the GPA's required for their students to participate in the program. Students should be academically prepared to do college-level work as determined by ACT scores, COMPASS assessment, or by the high school counselor or principal. Exceptions to these qualifications are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Pre-enrollment consultation

Students are advised in their high schools by their high school counselors before they can enroll in a dual enrollment class from Northwest College. Northwest College accepts the high school counselor or principal recommendation of these students. If students are seeking enrollment in math or English classes, they must prove they've met the prerequisite for such through appropriate ACT scores or COMPASS placement.

Resident district instructional support

The resident school's liaison works closely with NWC personnel. Students in the NWC Dual Enrollment Program have the same access to services as all NWC students -- peer tutoring, counseling, library resources, disability support, etc. All services are delivered in the same modality as the class. If students are studying online, then their tutoring is available via SmartThinking, an online tutoring company for all subjects. Counselors and the disability support specialist are available via email or telephone. If the physical site of the student is close enough, these personnel will also make a face-to-face visit if needed.

The library is fully online along with tutorials on how to access it in this method. Finally, college instructors are available via email, telephone, over WEN Video, or by chat. While students have access to all of NWC's support services, it is still the responsibility of the resident district to support that student's learning, too. The resident mentor will help the student access these services and help that student make the personal connection with the faculty member in order promote student success.  

Provider's accountability

Resident and nonresident students are treated equally. Northwest College has the Early Alert system in place to let our counseling staff know when students are struggling. When a faculty member submits this form, the counseling first contacts the student to offer help. In the case of dual enrolled students, that counselor would also contact the Dean of Extended Campus so that we can alert the high school counselor. 

Intervention plan

We are small communities here and all the instructors and staff at the college know which students are dual enrolled. There is one clearly-identifiable person on campus in charge of this program -- the Dean of Extended Campus and Workforce -- and faculty know that anytime a dual enrolled student needs help they should contact the Dean so that she can work with the appropriate high school to get that student the help he/she needs.