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Laramie County Community College

Student requirements

Students must be of junior or senior standing, have permission from their parent/guardian and their high school counselor prior to enrolling in college credit courses. High school students must meet the same criteria as for any college student enrolling in a community college transfer or technical course. The school district can require additional criteria.

Pre-enrollment consultation

Students should be advised by their high school counselor about applying to take distance education courses. LCCC's Manager, Center for Secondary Students will assist with arrangements for taking any required placement tests prior to enrollment. High school students who have taken the ACT may not have to sit for the college's placement test if the score on their ACT is high enough.

Resident district instructional support

Each high school designates someone at the high school to help coordinate and collaborate with LCCC's Manager, Center for Secondary Students. High school students enrolled in distance education courses will have access to all the standard support services that any college student has available to them.

Provider's accountability

All students enrolled in an online course are treated the same. Student performance is monitored through multiple activities, discussions, group work, assignments, quizzes, and tests. Grades are posted online and students are able to track their performance.

Intervention plan

All students enrolled in distance education courses have access to their progress via the learning management system. Students with documented disabilities must provide documentation to the college prior to special services being provided.