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Casper College

Casper College has had a long and successful history of working with the Natrona County School District to bring quality programs to high school students. Students from the Casper high schools have traditionally attended on-campus classes for many years. Over the past three years, the College and the School District have been working on updating and creating new articulation agreements allowing students dual credit. Our goal is to extend this service to the outlying schools, particularly Midwest High School, by offering them the opportunity to gain college credit through distance learning. During the 2007-2008 school year, 2,173 people took at least one distance education class through Casper College. Only 69 of those were high school students. With this project, CC will increase the number of high school students who successfully complete distance education classes.

Distance learning is not for all students. To be successfully, students must be comfortable with the nature of teaching and learning at a distance. CC will work to motivate and meet the needs of the high school student. An online survey found at the Casper College web site is used to assess a student's experience, capability and/or readiness to engage in distance education.

When a student enrolls in a transfer course, they can be provided with faculty advisement and technical support. The monitoring and intervention process is teacher based.