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Casper College

Each of the seven Wyoming Community Colleges offer distance courses; however, the courses differ from college to college. Students may view the list of courses available and their delivery methods at the WyDEC website: Students must register with the college offering the course for which they want to enroll and must follow all administrative guidelines of that institution. Courses are likely to have a maximum enrollment and may have limited enrollment by out-of-district students. Students may contact the WyDEC representative to initiate communications with that college.

College will enter into an MOU with the high school in which the student taking a college course is enrolled. Such an agreement will stipulate the manner by which course tuition and fees will be paid, and how the purchase of books and materials will be funded. Individual learning plans will be in accordance with and represented by each course syllabus which will be provided to the student. Colleges will provide information regarding individual student enrollment and course completion along with costs related to program administration.